Equality and diversity


Equality and Diversity

intro-graphic-diversity.jpgFollowing our public consultation event, we have produced our Single Equality Scheme to show how we intend to promote equality and eliminate discrimination. Our overall aim is to ensure our services are fair, accessible and suitable for our community.

We want to make sure we are getting it right and would welcome your comments or feedback on the scheme. Have we missed something important? Should we include something else?

For more information or to give your views on the Single Equality Scheme please contact us on: 01524 516242 or email Debi.wearing@mbht.nhs.uk

Please click for a copy of our Single Equality Scheme

Click here for our annual Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.


“We are committed to embracing the diversity of people regardless of their race, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion and belief or age”

What is Equality?

Equality is recognising that discrimination is unacceptable regardless of people's gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, colour, disability, carer status or social background. To treat everybody with equality does actually mean to treat people differently with equity, as we all have very different needs and requirements.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is the many distinct characteristics that staff, patients, carers and families bring to our organisation. These distinct characteristics bring variations of thinking, communication styles, skills and personalities that are respected and valued.

Equality and Human Rights

We, as a Trust, are committed to providing equality of opportunity for all our service users and staff through recognition of, and taking into account the diverse nature of the population both locally and nationally. This is an essential part of our aim to be the "Hospital of Choice".

We believe that people who use our services, their carers and our staff should be treated with respect and dignity.

To read our Equality Act 2010 Statement, click here.

Dignity at Work Policy

This means we will not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination against staff, service users or carers. We are also committed to tackling the fundamental issues that have led to inequality and discrimination within the NHS and we welcome any comments you may have to help us to improve.

Trust commitment and obligations

The Trust is committed to meeting its obligations as a Public Authority as set out in the comprehensive legal framework for Equalities and Human Rights.

Equality Impact Assessments of Functions and Policies

The Trust has completed impact assessments for all its functions and has a process in place to impact assess all new policies and existing policies on review. The findings of this work have been incorporated into the Single Equality Scheme and Disability Scheme. However we welcome any comments or feedback on our services.

Equality Schemes

The Trust also has a Disability Scheme:

The Equality delivery system

Progress update January 2014

Update January 2014


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