Health Promoting Hospitals



Download our Public Health Strategy 2010 - 2015We provide treatment and care for over 240,000 patients every year and many of our hospital admissions are related to patients suffering from one or more chronic illnesses.

Many chronic and life shortening illnesses are preventable illnesses and are frequently caused by lifestyle issues, such as smoking, alcohol, poor diet and lack of exercise.

In addition to the medical interventions and drug treatments we provide, we recognise the importance of building on the help and support we give to our patients to help them cope with and improve their illnesses for a better quality of life. We also recognise the importance of bolstering the help, advice and information we give to our patients, visitors and staff to help them achieve changes in their lifestyles necessary for preventing ill health.

We aim for our hospitals to become health promoting organisations; places where consideration and care is given to our local environment and where healthy lifestyle choices become easier choices for everyone who work, visit and stay in them.

We look forward to working with all of our local partners in health; the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector to address and improve upon our local health priorities and health inequalities.

No smoking

UHMBT is a no smoking Trust.

Smoking is not permitted on any of the hospital sites.

Giving up smoking is the best thing you can do for your health.
You can contact your local NHS stop smoking services on:

01524 845145 for NHS North Lancashire.

0300 013 3000 for a Cumbrian pharmacy who offers local support.