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Nursing and Midwifery Strategy


IntroductionJackie Holt and members of the Nursing and Midwifery Team

The Nurses and Midwives of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust (UHMBT) have listened to feedback from patients and developed a Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery that sets out our ambitions for the future, ‘with the needs of patients at the heart of everything we do.’

The priority is to ensure that fundamental standards of care and practice are consistently high in all our hospitals. This will provide a firm platform on which to liberate the talents of Nurses, Midwives and Support Workers to allow them to innovate and implement groundbreaking initiatives for the benefit of patients. The Trust will develop the talents of Nurses and Midwives so that they achieve their potential. Nurse and Midwife leaders will inspire the staff of UHMBT to work together for the

benefit of patients and the communities served.  Six key themes have been identified that form
the basis of the Strategy and set out the principles by which care will be provided:

  1. Caring with kindness and compassion,
  2. Providing safe care in clean and comfortable environments,
  3. Listening to patients and improving the way we work,
  4. Developing confident, ambitious and inspirational leaders,
  5. Working with partners for the benefit of patients,
  6. A questioning and analytical Nursing and Midwifery workforce.

The test of success will be in bringing the Strategy alive and translating the principles into
actions. Detailed action plans underpin the Strategy and these will be subject to regular
monitoring and progress reporting. An annual report will be presented to the Board of Directors, Council of Governors and other important partners to demonstrate progress and achievements.

Each Nurse, Midwife and Support Worker will receive a summary of the Strategy. Their performance and development reviews will provide an opportunity to test that the Strategy is embedded in everything they do. This will assure patients, the public, the Trust and partners that Nurses and Midwives are making a powerful contribution to local, safe and personal care. Patients and our communities will be the ultimate judges of our success.

Going forward, I have every confidence that Nurses and Midwives will demonstrate strong leadership and earn rightful recognition for what they do. Nurses and Midwives should stand with
their heads held high, knowing that the care and services they provide will match and exceed the
best in the country.

I will conclude with the personal philosophy of one of our valued members of staff which I believe is close to the heart of each and every one of us:

"I believe in always striving for a high quality standard of care and seeking to improve and develop practice in order to provide excellent care for our patients and their families. I know the Strategy will enable us to do that.’’

Jackie Holt
Director of Nursing and Modernisation

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