Clinical Excellence Awards


Clinical Excellence Awards

The Trust received a total of 21 applications for the 2017-18 Clinical Excellence Awards (CEA) round. The CEA panel recommended that a single CEA point should be awarded to the highest scoring 27 individuals. The gender and balance of applicants with a protected category of the proposed awards was reviewed;

The Local Awards Committee used the nationally recommended scoring procedure for each of the five domains that applicants were required to complete. A weighting was then applied to the score for each domain in accordance with the UHMB policy for local CEA awards. http://uhmb/cs/tpdl/Documents/CORP-PROT-002.docx


UHMBT's Successful Applicants



Dr Ashutosh Kale

Ms Shadaba Ahmed

Dr Manal Atwan

Dr James Barker

Dr Katharine Boothroyd

Dr Sasalu Deepak

Dr Mahesh Soddi-Kumar

Dr Lesley Ottewell

Dr Amy Ford

Mr Matthew Freudmann

Mr Asim Ijaz

Dr Karnad Krishnaprasad

Dr Lakshmanan Radhakrishnan

Mr Joseph Ogah

Dr Ian Parkinson

Dr Elaine Service

Mr Sanjay Sinha

Dr Paul Smith

Mr Mark Tomlinson

Mr Saleem Muhammad Naseem

Mr Ali Warsi


Dr Shahedal Bari

Rishikesh Parmeshwar

Marwan Bukhari

Gregory Mataka

Sameer Shamshuddin

Nigel Grunshaw

Adrian Brodison

Shashi Garg

Sally Baxter

Colin Read

Colin Brown

Simon Morgan

Deepak Herleker

Ranjan Kukreti

Paul Marshall

Shyam Kumar

Rachel Jolley

Panna Patel

Kuntal Patel

Rachel Markham

Shadaba Ahmed

Mahesh Doddi-Kumar

Sanjay Panchal

Timothy Gatheral

Sarah Moon

Rahul Kakkar

Albert Davies

Updated August 2018

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