Every Penny Counts - Our Sustainability Plan


shutterstock_527936113.jpgYou will all be aware of the pressures that the NHS is under with an aging population, increased demand for services and an increasing cost for providing those services. NHS trusts have to produce plans to not only control the money we spend but also think of new ways we can deliver safe and quality services at a lower cost. Our plan is called our Sustainability Programme.

What did we achieve last year?
In 2016/17 (the first year of our three year programme), there were 158 efficiency and saving projects identified across all of our divisions and departments. Through these projects, we saved an impressive £13.8m against a plan of £12.5m. 

Some of the highlights from the programme were:

HSJ award winners.JPGOur work was also recognised nationally when we won the Improving Value Through Innovative Financial Management or Procurement award at the Health Service Journal awards.

We were also finalists for the Improving the Value of Diagnostic Services award.

What’s the plan for 2017/18?
We are calling this year’s campaign ‘Every penny counts’. The clue is in the title - every penny we save makes a huge difference. The essence of the campaign is the same - an unwavering focus on reducing waste and variation with schemes that not only reduce cost but that more importantly, improve the quality of care for our patients.

This year, we have a bigger challenge and are aiming to deliver £17.4m of savings. Projects to deliver the majority of this have already been identified and include:

Trying to do something better for less or the same is always going to be a challenge, however, we have already shown that by working together, we can be smarter about how we allocate and manage our resources - whether it be people or money.

Keep up to date with our progress
We will be sharing monthly updates on how we are getting on with our programme and highlighting some of the schemes our teams are working on in more detail. These updates can be found below:

March 2018 update

February 2018 update

January 2018 update

December 2017 update

November 2017 update

October 2017 update

September 2017 update

August 2017 update

Updated April 2018



What's happening at the Trust

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