Freedom Of Information Act 2000

Freedom Of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act is intended to reflect a political shift from a culture of secrecy in public administration to one of openness. The underlying principle is that all information held by a public authority should be freely available except for a small number of tightly defined exempt items. It seeks to balance three rights:

  • The right to information
  • The right to confidentiality
  • The right to effective public administration

The general principle is that openness is the default and that there must be good reasons for withholding information.

The Act gives members of the public the right to be told whether requested information exists and the right to receive that information. It sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities. It is fully retrospective so it includes information we already possess. The Act is fully enforced by the Information Commissioner, becoming effective from January 2005. It embodies much of what is already good practice as set out in the NHS Code of Openness. It also supplements and complements the Data Protection Act and is qualified by our confidentiality codes. 

The Freedom of Information Act does not change the right of patients to protection of their patient confidentiality in accordance with Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention, the Data Protection Act and common law. Maintaining the legal right to patient confidentiality continues to be an important commitment on our part.

To help with this, we have appointed a Caldicott Guardian who has responsibility to ensure the protection of patient confidentiality throughout the Trust in accordance with your legal rights. Our Caldicott Guardian is:

Dr David Walker - Medical Director
Trust Headquarters
Westmorland General Hospital
Burton Road
LA9 7RG 

NHS organisations are required to produce a 'Publication Scheme'. This is a complete guide to the information routinely published by Trust. We will review the Scheme at regular intervals and monitor how it is operating. It is important to us that this Scheme meets your needs.

This Publication Scheme will help you to find all the information which the Trust publishes and can be found below:

Please click here

For all other published information, our latest Annual Report can be found here.

Please click here for the latest leaflet available for staff at UHMBT.

Freedom Of Information Disclosure Log

The below Disclosure Log includes a recent selection of Information Requests that the Trust has responded to:

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Date Name Type
09-05-2019 Compensation-Legal Claims - Private Detectives-Investigators 8274.pdf PDF
04-04-2018 CCTV and Access Control and Security Systems 7171.pdf PDF
20-04-2018 Colorectal Cancer Treatments 7176.pdf PDF
13-12-2018 Car Park Income 7883.pdf PDF
10-08-2017 Intersex Babies 6653.pdf PDF
05-04-2017 Emergency Beds 6411.pdf PDF
13-04-2017 Patients fit for discharge DTOC Community care 6430.pdf PDF
07-04-2017 Funerals arranged by UHMBT 6420.pdf PDF
28-02-2019 Brexit 8057.pdf PDF
26-07-2017 IT Security GDPR 6613.pdf PDF
12-04-2017 Babies over 12lbs 6429.pdf PDF
05-04-2017 Service Closure 6414.pdf PDF
04-04-2017 Podiatry 6409.pdf PDF
20-04-2017 Cancelled Child Appointments 6439.pdf PDF
21-04-2017 Patient Meals 6443.pdf PDF
25-04-2017 Staff Contact List 6448.pdf PDF
26-04-2017 Nursing Agency Spend Break Glass 6450.pdf PDF
02-05-2017 Staff Accommodation 6458.pdf PDF
02-05-2017 Wasted Meals 6459.pdf PDF
03-05-2017 Fire Training 6460.pdf PDF
15-05-2017 Nursing Electronic Roster 6483.pdf PDF
22-05-2017 Number of FOI Requests 6490.pdf PDF
23-05-2017 Medical Emergency Admissions 6499.pdf PDF
30-05-2017 ICT Manager UHMBT 6509.pdf PDF
01-06-2017 Attacks on Staff 6512.pdf PDF
09-06-2017 Serious Incidents UHMBT 6523.pdf PDF
09-06-2017 Operating Budget UHMBT 6524.pdf PDF
15-06-2017 Infection Prevention and Control 6532.pdf PDF
26-06-2017 Sign Language 6548.pdf PDF
26-06-2017 Breaking Glass Agency Spend 6549.pdf PDF
04-07-2017 Paper Reams 6567.pdf PDF
04-07-2017 Learning Disability Staff 6568.pdf PDF
10-07-2017 Number of Beds 6580.pdf PDF
10-07-2017 Private Patients 6581.pdf PDF
12-07-2017 Staff Sick Days 6591.pdf PDF
10-07-2017 Cancelled Operations 6585.pdf PDF
11-07-2017 Nurses Language Test 6588.pdf PDF
12-07-2017 Occupational Health Staff 6590.pdf PDF
18-07-2017 Pharmacy UHMBT 6598.pdf PDF
30-10-2018 OPEL 4 - 7788.pdf PDF
18-07-2017 Labels 6599.pdf PDF
19-07-2017 Nutrition Support UHMBT 6601.pdf PDF
19-07-2017 Cumulative Deficit 6607.pdf PDF
25-07-2017 Quality Management System 6609.pdf PDF
25-07-2017 Carbon Monoxide 6611.pdf PDF
28-07-2017 Agency Shifts Filled 6618.pdf PDF
31-07-2017 Private Cancer Treatment UHMBT 6623.pdf PDF
01-08-2017 Tree Surgery 6626.pdf PDF
03-08-2017 HIV Treatment 6630.pdf PDF
03-08-2017 Annual Accounts Consltancy Services 6636.pdf PDF
07-08-2017 Overseas Trips UHMBT 6643.pdf PDF
07-08-2017 Emergency Readmissions 6645.pdf PDF
11-08-2017 Child and Mental Health Services 6656.pdf PDF
11-08-2017 MRI in Zoos 6657.pdf PDF
15-08-2017 Children's Ward Closure 6660.pdf PDF
16-08-2017 Operation Waiting Times 6665.pdf PDF
16-08-2017 Emergency Department Closure 6667.pdf PDF
17-08-2017 Staff using Child Care Vouchers 6673.pdf PDF
23-08-2017 Private Hospital Agreements 6679.pdf PDF
29-08-2017 Cancer Treatment 6685.pdf PDF
30-08-2017 Outpatients 6688.pdf PDF
30-08-2017 Brexit Assessment 6690.pdf PDF
31-08-2017 Elective Operations Cancellations 6697.pdf PDF
30-08-2017 CAMHS Services 6700.pdf PDF
01-09-2017 Staff Sickness and Suspension 6703.pdf PDF
06-10-2017 Theft of Drugs 6732.pdf PDF
15-10-2017 Apprentices 6725.pdf PDF
10-04-2018 Chemotherapy Nurses 7208.pdf PDF
03-04-2018 Consumer Messaging Apps 7198.pdf PDF
05-04-2018 Contacts - CEO, Finance, Estates etc 7204.pdf PDF
04-04-2018 Counter Fraud Services 7194.pdf PDF
06-04-2018 Finance Department Structure 7209.pdf PDF
09-04-2018 Nursing Recruitment Agencies 7212.pdf PDF
06-04-2018 Patients - Losses and Special Payments 7205.pdf PDF
05-04-2018 Urinary Incontenence Pad-Bed Pad 7195.pdf PDF
10-04-2018 Durg Prescriptions to Cancer Patients 7175.pdf PDF
06-04-2018 Antenatal Education Providers 7177.pdf PDF
13-04-2018 Paediatric Dental Waiting Times For Children under 18 7178.pdf PDF
26-03-2018 Endoscopy Services 7179.pdf PDF
22-03-2018 Drug Related Conditions 7165.pdf PDF
03-04-2018 Medical Records 7170.pdf PDF
19-04-2018 Dressing and Bandage Spend 7229.pdf PDF
13-04-2018 Patient Equipment Recycling - Wheelchairs, Walking Sticks 7226.pdf PDF
20-04-2018 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 7224.pdf PDF
20-04-2018 Staff Disciplinary Proceedings for Instant Messaging 7221.pdf PDF
11-04-2018 Gynaecology - Morcellation 7220.pdf PDF
18-04-2018 Overseas Visitors - Resident in UK 7210.pdf PDF
11-04-2018 Funerals, Genealogy Company, Bona Vacantia 7197.pdf PDF
Security and Physical Assaults 7183.pdf PDF
10-04-2018 Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Clauses 7142.pdf PDF
03-05-2018 Admissions - Reasons for admissions of people over the age of 65 7172.pdf PDF
04-04-2018 Charged - Incorrectly Charged for Treatment 7187.pdf PDF
30-01-2018 Maternal Requests - C Sections 6984.pdf PDF
03-05-2018 Nurses - Recruitment of Temporary-Agency 7253.pdf PDF
18-04-2018 Subsidiary Companies - Asset Transfer 7234.pdf PDF
10-04-2018 Communication Formats 7181.pdf PDF
17-04-2018 Working Hours and Staff Shortages 7182.pdf PDF
03-04-2018 Risk, Training, Quality and Compliance 7185.pdf PDF
28-03-2018 Operational Pressures Escalation Level 4 - OPEL 7186.pdf PDF
16-04-2018 Courier Service Contract 7188.pdf PDF
16-04-2018 Walking Frames 7189.pdf PDF
12-04-2018 ECG Equipment Manufacturer 7192.pdf PDF
06-04-2018 Monitoring System - Doctors in Training 7193.pdf PDF
05-04-2018 Urinary Sheaths and Incontenance Pads 7196.pdf PDF
23-04-2018 Surveillance Cameras and Body Worn Video Cameras 7203.pdf PDF
23-04-2018 National Fraud Initiative and VAT Re-review 7206.pdf PDF
27-04-2018 Charitable Donations and Funding 7207.pdf PDF
25-04-2018 Executive Director Spending on P-Cards, Credit or Debit Cards 7211.pdf PDF
17-04-2018 IT Software Solutions Procurement 7213.pdf PDF
24-04-2018 Staffing - Outsourced Payroll for Temporary Staff and Locum Staff 7218.pdf PDF
25-04-2018 Sexual Harassment - Assault 7228.pdf PDF
27-04-2018 Ransomware Attack 7231.pdf PDF
17-04-2018 Cancer - Urothelial Cell Cancer 7232.pdf PDF
24-04-2018 Child and Mental Health Services 7235.pdf PDF
27-04-2018 Asbestos 7236.pdf PDF
03-05-2018 Needles - Biopsy and Coaxial 7256.pdf PDF
31-05-2018 Patients - Vaginal Mesh Implant Operations 7287.pdf PDF
30-05-2018 Ophthalmology External Providers 7290.pdf PDF
11-05-2018 Staff - Recruitment Process Outsourcing 7294.pdf PDF
18-05-2018 Financial Review Services 7295.pdf PDF
17-05-2018 Ostetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS) 7296.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Healthcare for Illegal Migrants 7299.pdf PDF
11-05-2018 Licensing Agreements - Volume 7300.pdf PDF
11-05-2018 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 7301.pdf PDF
11-05-2018 Systems Absence Management 7302.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Energy Supply Information 7303.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Staff - Salary Overpayments 7307.pdf PDF
30-05-2018 Cancer - Metastatic Squamous Cell Lung 7308.pdf PDF
09-05-2018 Staff - Pathology Contacts 7309.pdf PDF
10-05-2018 Sexual Health Software 7310.pdf PDF
18-05-2018 Potholes across your Estates 7313.pdf PDF
11-05-2018 Patient Records and Data 7314.pdf PDF
17-05-2018 Maternity - NIPT Testing 7316.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Pharmacy - Unlicensed Medicines 7317.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Staff - Doctors Working Time Regulations 7320.pdf PDF
22-05-2018 Soft Facilities Management Contracts 7321.pdf PDF
14-05-2018 Pathology - Integrated Care Package 7322.pdf PDF
17-05-2018 Patients - Clinical letters 7323.pdf PDF
30-05-2018 Staff - Locum Doctor Payments 7324.pdf PDF
30-05-2018 Pregnancy Terminations 7326.pdf PDF
11-06-2018 Medical Agency Expenditure and Private Patient Income 7328.pdf PDF
22-05-2018 Estates - Energy Management 7331.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Staff - Non-Disclosure Agreements 7332.pdf PDF
04-06-2018 Mail and DNAs 7333.pdf PDF
06-06-2018 Staff - Discharge Teams and Data 7334.pdf PDF
25-05-2018 Pharmacy - Counterfeit Drugs 7335.pdf PDF
23-05-2018 European Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care 7336.pdf PDF
29-05-2018 Pharmacy - Drugs for Rheumatology, Dermatology and Gastroenterology 7337.pdf PDF
18-05-2018 Council of Governors - Elections since 2012 7284.pdf PDF
17-09-2018 Patients - Cancelled Operations - 7651.pdf PDF
13-09-2018 E-Cigarettes and Smoking Policy - 7650.pdf PDF
21-09-2018 Mortuary and Pathologists - 7649.pdf PDF
17-09-2018 Maternity - Babies born to drug dependent mother - 7648.pdf PDF
19-09-2018 Staffing - Turnover, Recruitment, Absence - 7647.pdf PDF
13-09-2018 Patients - Antibiotics for use in peri-operatively surgical prophylaxis - 7646.pdf PDF
04-09-2018 Patients - Overseas not eligible for free treatment - 7645.pdf PDF
04-09-2018 Staffing - District Nurses - 7644.pdf PDF
24-10-2018 Patients Sanitary Products 7754.pdf PDF
30-01-2019 Brexit - EU Exit 8034.pdf PDF
10-07-2018 Patients - Emergency Readmission Rates 7424.pdf PDF
24-04-2019 Patient - Infant Deaths 8207.pdf PDF
01-02-2019 Patients - Strategies and Policies 7986.pdf PDF
27-12-2018 Staffing - Flu Vaccine 2018-2019 7921.pdf PDF
23-01-2019 Patients - Adult Hearing Services 7932.pdf PDF
17-01-2019 Patients - Waiting Times 7933.pdf PDF
14-01-2019 Patients - Overseas and Maternity Services 7934.pdf PDF
03-01-2019 Patient - Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration 7935.pdf PDF
16-01-2019 Patient - Overseas Charges 7936.pdf PDF
16-01-2019 Patients - Stoma Care Contracts 7937.pdf PDF
10-01-2019 Staffing - Cardiac Physiology Department 7938.pdf PDF
03-01-2019 Staffing - Bullying and Sexual Harassment 7939.pdf PDF
27-12-2018 Patients - Waiting Times - Accident and Emergency Targets 7940.pdf PDF
25-01-2019 Maternity - Births 7941.pdf PDF
16-01-2019 Patients - DoLs Policies and Procedures 7942.pdf PDF
23-01-2019 Patients - Infected Blood Inquiry 7965.pdf PDF
23-01-2019 Patients - Transgender 8011.pdf PDF
22-01-2019 Brexit - EU Settlement Scheme for Staff 7972.pdf PDF
05-11-2018 Patients - Transgender 7796.pdf PDF
25-10-2018 Gift and Hospitality Register and Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy 7787.pdf PDF
11-04-2019 Staffing - Assaults on NHS Staff 8196.pdf PDF
28-03-2019 Staffing - Violence and abuse against NHS staff 8188.pdf PDF
08-04-2019 Knife attacks and Treatment 8181.pdf PDF
14-05-2019 Patients - Beds-Core and Escalation 8277.pdf PDF
29-05-2019 Patients - Core and Escalation Beds 8433.pdf PDF
28-05-2019 Radiology and Ultrasound imaging 8303.pdf PDF
Pharmacy - Use of Vyxeos to treat patients 8205.pdf PDF
15-04-2019 Patients - Drug Treatments 8206.pdf PDF
23-04-2019 Drugs - Lost or stolen 8210.pdf PDF
09-04-2019 Staffing - EU Nationals and Non EU Working 8212.pdf PDF
09-04-2019 IT - Electronic Medical Record System 8216.pdf PDF
18-04-2019 Staffing - Sexual Allegations against staff 8217.pdf PDF
18-04-2019 IT - Digital Techology 8218.pdf PDF
12-04-2019 Staffing - Spend on Locums 8219.pdf PDF
12-04-2019 Staffing - Bank, Agency, Locums 8220.pdf PDF
16-04-2019 Radiology - MRI Scanners 8224.pdf PDF
12-04-2019 IT Budget 2018-19 8225.pdf PDF
18-04-2019 Car parking charges 8230.pdf PDF
18-04-2019 Patients - Parkinsons 8231.pdf PDF
24-04-2019 Audiology Service 8232.pdf PDF
11-07-2019 Clinical Services Incidents 8234.pdf PDF
15-04-2019 Patients - Dialysis 8237.pdf PDF
10-04-2019 Polymer Clip and Disposable Automatic Clip Appliers 8243.pdf PDF
10-04-2019 Surgical Robots 8239.pdf PDF
18-02-2019 Patients - No Fixed Abode - Long Stay 8029.pdf PDF
25-04-2019 5mm Lapo suction irrigation 8275.pdf PDF
14-05-2019 Patients - Transport and Transfer costs 8278.pdf PDF
25-04-2019 Staffing - Obstetric and Gynaecology Consultants 8279.pdf PDF
06-06-2019 IT - Citizen Services 8281.pdf PDF
18-04-2019 Staffing - HR Services and Support 8282.pdf PDF
18-06-2019 Maternity - Down Syndrome 2013-2017 8283.pdf PDF
02-05-2019 Patients - Bowel - IBS Clinics 8284.pdf PDF
08-05-2019 Staffing - Exit and Non Disclosure Agreement 8285.pdf PDF
09-05-2019 Overseas Visitors Managers 8287.pdf PDF
03-05-2019 Staffing - Parking charges for motorcycles 8289.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Patients - Paediatric Audiology Service 8291.pdf PDF
25-04-2019 Patients - Kidney Dialysis 8293.pdf PDF
13-05-2019 Staffing - Maternity Support Workers 8294.pdf PDF
13-05-2019 Estates - Pipeline Projects 8295.pdf PDF
13-05-2019 Estates - Procurement Framework Contract 8297.pdf PDF
16-05-2019 Staffing - Locum Agency Doctors 8298.pdf PDF
13-05-2019 IT - Phishing and Scam Emails 8300.pdf PDF
16-05-2019 Overseas Patients 8301.pdf PDF
14-05-2019 Patients - Complaints re being overweight 8302.pdf PDF
13-05-2019 Radiology - MRI and CT Waiting Lists.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Budget and Finance - VAT, Invoices 8304.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Patients - Deaths and autopsies 8306.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Patients - Worster Drought Syndrome 8307.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Patients - Homeless 8308.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Staffing - Flexible Policy and Adoption 8325.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Patients - Exoseal and Angiograms 8326.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Patients - Neuro Rehabilitation 8343.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Patients - Peripheral IV Cannulas 8344.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Staffing - Contact details 8345.pdf PDF
22-05-2019 Cancer - Unlicensed systemic anticancer therapy 8356.pdf PDF
23-05-2019 Maternity - Home Births and Births before arrival 8364.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Energy - Coal for fuel, electricity or heating 8367.pdf PDF
23-05-2019 Patients - Policy Novel Oral Anticoagulants 8378.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Budget and Finance - Annual spend with suppliers 8391.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Policies - Privacy Officer role 8392.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Patients - UK Armed Forces 8398.pdf PDF
20-05-2019 Staffing - Rostering software 8403.pdf PDF
28-05-2019 Staffing - Non-disclosure staffing numbers 8417.pdf PDF
22-05-2019 Staffing - Obstetric vacancies 8419.pdf PDF
29-05-2019 Estates - Sub-contractors Furness General Hospital 8438.pdf PDF
23-04-2019 Estates - Pest Control 8241.pdf PDF
26-04-2019 Hand drying in hospital 8240.pdf PDF
01-04-2019 Legal Services hierarchy 8226.pdf PDF
29-04-2019 Patients - Acute Myocardial Infarction 8233.pdf PDF
08-04-2019 Patients - Discharge Policy 8238.pdf PDF
12-04-2019 Patients - Hysteroscopy 8242.pdf PDF
23-05-2019 Patients - Axial Spondyloarthritis 8440.pdf PDF
12-06-2019 Telephone Maintenance Contract 8465.pdf PDF
15-05-2019 Urology Investigations 8227.pdf PDF
01-07-2019 Patients - Smoking and Nicotine Therapy 8643.pdf PDF
28-08-2019 Car Parking 2009 - 2019 9282.pdf PDF
28-02-2019 Brexit 8248.pdf PDF
28-08-2019 Legal Costs - Capsticks 9335.pdf PDF

How To Make A Freedom Of Information Request

1. Requests for information must be in writing (including email)
2. Requests must provide a name and address for correspondence
3. All information requested should be described clearly

All Freedom of Information Requests should be directed to either;

Freedom of Information Team
Legal Services Department
Westmorland General Hospital
Burton Road

or by email to;

If you are unsure of how to format your request a template is available which may be helpful:

Freedom of Information Request Template

If you are unhappy with the way the Trust has dealt with any request, you have the right to apply for an Internal Review through our postal or email addresses as referenced above.

Updated September 2019

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