Improving Quality


Improving Quality

We are committed to delivering high standards of safe, quality care to our patients. Alongside this we will provide a working environment and culture which promotes and welcomes honesty, safety first, openness and compassion in everything we do.

Our Quality Improvement Plan

A detailed Quality Improvement Plan has been developed to ensure that we all work together to achieve our commitment of delivering safe, high quality care for all of our patients, as well as making our hospitals modern and efficient places to work. The first year of this plan addresses the issues raised by the Care Quality Commission as part of its 2014 inspection of our hospitals.

In this film made in Autumn 2016 a wide range of staff reflected on the changes made in the five domains - safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

Sally Young is the Trust's Quality Assurance Matron working to bring all wards up to the highest possible standard. Using digital technology as well as more traditional methods she explains here how the project has taken off and what differences the work has made to patient care across Morecambe Bay.

In 2016 the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust hosted an event to mark the developments in governance that have taken place across the Trust in recent years. The Governance Roadshow was held to showcase the changes that have taken place across the Bay.

Our aims

Our aim is to create a culture of continuous improvement, which is both patient-centred and safety focused. The Quality Improvement Plan focuses on three key improvement outcomes:

Better - Reducing mortality and harm

Care – Providing more reliable care

Together – Improving patient and staff experience

Our goals

Our goals over the next 5 years include:

98% of our patients receiving harm-free care

A mortality ratio that is 5-10% better than the national average

At least 50% of inpatient wards and 15% of outpatient areas achieving exemplar status

Exemplar status will be awarded under our Ward Accreditation Scheme, which will assess wards and departments against a core framework of standards.

Director of Governance Mary Aubrey sets out how changes have been introduced across Morecambe Bay.

Listening, Leading and Learning

Listening into Action means that our staff, working together as a team, will be able to help each other make the necessary changes that will benefit our patients. We will continue to encourage staff to raise any concerns and we will support them when they do.

The drive for continuous quality and safety improvement requires exceptional leadership at every level of the organisation. We recognise the power and value of having clinicians leading the quality agenda, and we aim to have our clinical leaders at the forefront of that delivery. Local Improvement Champions will take a lead role in implementing a culture of safety in their individual wards and departments.

We are creating an improvement hub that will provide support and assistance to our staff, helping them to fully understand what ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ looks like and providing them with the tools to achieve it. We will maximise the opportunities to learn with, and from, other organisations.

Updated December 2017

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