LGBT Network

The LGBT Network @UHMBT endeavours to create a supportive working environment and policy framework for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) colleagues while also encouraging all staff within the trust to understand the needs of LGBT individuals within the community.

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Our Aims

  1. To work with the trust to eliminate discrimination experienced by LGBT staff
    and to promote general equality of opportunity.

  2. To influence policy making and monitor existing policies to ensure that the LGBT equality perspective is proactively considered.

  3. To provide a support function to colleagues, through the development of virtual networks and meetings, where issues can be openly discussed. Some support may involve signposting staff to external services or staff side representatives.

  4. To provide confidential support and advice to all staff, not just those whose may identify as LGBT.

  5. To develop and maintain a virtual network that provides support and promotes diversity generally within the workforce.

  6. To support the trust with the training of staff at all levels so they can better understand the perspective and needs of LGBT staff and service users.

  7. To gain and share an understanding of the experiences of LGBT staff and service users, and highlight any health inequalities that influence service delivery.

  8. To celebrate the diversity of the workforce by participating in national and local events such as community events and national LGBT initiatives.

  9. To promote the service as a healthcare provider and employer within the local LGBT communities.

  10. To promote opportunities for social networking.

LGBT @UHMBT Case Study

NHS Employers published a case study of our work in  February 2017. It is available at the link below.

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(Confidential: Safe Space E-Mail accessed by LGBT Network Staff Members Only)

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