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NHS Employers Personal Fair Diverse (PFD) campaign has around 5000 champions across organisations in
the NHS

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What is a Personal, Fair and Diverse NHS?

  • Everyone counts

  • Services are personal, designed to give patients what they want and need

  • Fairness is built in so that everyone has equal opportunities and treatment

  • The skills and experiences of employees from all backgrounds are used and valued

  • People can choose the services they want and have as much support as they need

  • Everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and when they complain - we listen and put things right

  • Talent flourishes and nothing stops people going as far as they want

  • We are accountable and patients are informed and have more control

  • Care doesn't stop at the door, but helps people live healthier lives.

Personal, Fair and Diverse at UHMBT

At UHMBT we have approximately 179 champions who are passionate about an NHS with patients at its heart, care about working in an NHS which is fair and accessible to all, and believe that diverse workplaces make organisations better.

Our Personal Fair Diverse Champions get involved in work such as:

  • Learning more about the Equality Act to encourage positive steps to eliminate prejudice and discrimination

  • Raising concerns when they see things that don't feel right

  • Talking to colleagues about how individuals and teams can support a personal, fair and diverse NHS

  • Share and spread good practice

  • Support the Trust to deliver more inclusive services and workplace environments

  • Recognise and acknowledge those people who make a difference and go the extra mile

  • Being a voice for others who find it difficult to make themselves heard.

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Personal Fair Diverse / Respect Lead


Personal Fair Diverse / Respect Lead: Karl Hinchliffe

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