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What is Listening into Action (LiA) and Improvement?

ListeningintoAction.jpgLiA is a fundamental shift in the way we work and lead. Its aim is to engage with, and empower, all staff to make the changes that they think will improve not only the services we offer to patients but also, the experience our staff get working in our hospitals.

Our role in LiA is to listen to staff and support them to make the changes, removing any barriers so they can take the lead and contribute to the success of our Trust, and ultimately, feel proud of what they can achieve.

LiA fosters ambition and allows us to raise the bar in what we as an organisation working with our staff can achieve for our patients and staff. It helps us to make our Trust a great place to be cared for and a great place to work.

We launched LiA at our Trust in September 2014, and it complements the other important projects taking place at the Trust, including the CQC Improvement Plan and Better Care Together.

Maximising the Behavioural Standards Theme and QSIR launch!

As part of our ongoing promotion of the Behavioural Standards Framework (BSF), the month of June looks at the theme of Maximising potential with an emphasis on tools techniques and a single approach to building our improvement capacity and capability.

We are focused this month on understanding pressures on staff through a number of areas such as resilience training gaining feedback through the Friends and Family Test and the Chief Executive's tea and talk sessions, as well as supporting our staff to make improvements.

So we are really pleased to share with you all the launch of our Quality Service Improvement Redesign (QSIR)practitioner workshops. This is a more in depth programme than LiA and will support staff to move towards our Better Care Together Strategy.

QSIR: Practitioner

Who the programme is for?
Clinical and non-clinical staff working on a service change project. Participants can apply their learning throughout the programme, which in turn accelerates personal and organisational learning and supports teams to build their evidence base for further change.
How long does it take?
The programme is typically spread over five weeks. With Action Learning sets to support as you go forward.
How the programme is delivered?
The programme consists of five day-long workshops these start on 26June and an application date and further dates for cohort 1 and subsequent cohorts can be found on our Intranet page below.
We have five cohorts and you can book onto the cohorts through TMS.
Listening into Action is still running alongside this we are doing three waves this year wave 12 has started, wave 13 starts in September and Wave 14 starts in at the very end of January.
We are also showcasing the new look Resilience training that is being delivered jointly between Occupational Health and Learning and Development. 

Occupational Health have already been running these workshops focusing on stress and Learning and Development have run resilience workshops looking at stress and tools / tips to build resilience moving forward they are now combining content to respond to need, new format:

Half day jointly run workshop

Held across sites monthly

Content includes:    

Understanding ourselves and others looking at signs, symptoms and triggers for stress

Tool to support developing resilience from physical and psychological health perspectives.


Quality, Service Improvement & Redesign (QSIR)

The QSIR College programme offers NHS organisations and health systems a unique opportunity to develop quality and efficiency improvement capability within their organisation or across their system, enabling them to rapidly build up a sustainable local skills base.

The QSIR programmes suit clinical and non-clinical staff involved in service improvement within their organisation and/or system.

You can download the five day training course outline here QSIR







Listening into Action has been developed by Optimise Limited and has been adopted by over 70 NHS Trusts since 2010. UHMBT is a licenced LiA Trust.


Updated May 2018

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Roy Lilley and the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff 

Roy Lilley.jpg

Roy Lilley and Dr Terri Porrett from the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff have visited the Trust twice to see some of the fantastic improvements showcased by staff at our Brilliant Bay Days. 

Here is what Roy, a health policy analyst and commentator on the National Health Service, had to say about the Trust at our November 2017 event. 

"UHMBT has a massive amount to be proud of and it is great at sharing what it does with the academy. You are definitely now the envy of the NHS.

"The Trust has been through the mill but it hasn’t stopped staff coming to work and wanting to do the right thing and it hasn’t stopped staff making improvements. You are now and forever magic Morecambe Bay!

Watch our video with Roy at

Trust staff supported the academy's Fab Change Week and made a staggering amount of pledges. You can find all of the pledges at 

Contact details

Contact details

Staff can find out more information on our Listening into Action intranet pages. You will find the link to our pages under Key Information on the intranet homepage.

Patients, public, partners and stakeholders can find regular updates on our Trust Facebook page or by following us on Twitter @LiA_UHMBT

We also have display boards showcasing outcomes from our schemes which we update on a regular basis. These display boards can be found in the Centenary Building at the RLI, near the Westmorland Bite restaurant WGH and near the Acute Medical Unit at FGH.

LiA display boards 2.jpg 

Our team is Elizabeth McDougall, Associate Director of Improvement and LiA, Helen Pye, Improvement Lead, and Siobhan McCubbin, LiA/Improvement Team Administrator.

You can contact the team on 01524511989 or

Listening into Action Videos

You can view all of our Trust's Listening into Action videos on our dedicated YouTube playlist by clicking on the link below.

LiA YouTube Playlist

In the media

In the media

Here you can find the latest news stories and media interviews about some of the fantastic work and achievements.

New Diabetes Centre Officially Opened (The Bay)


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