Our Priorities 2018/19


Our Priorities 2018/19

We know how confusing it can be sometimes for everyone connected with our hospitals to understand the wide variety of strategies and plans and how they all fit together so every year, we outline what our key priorities are for the coming year. The NHS is certainly changing very fast!

There is obviously lots of things going on but these are the things that we are committed to putting a real focus on. Rather than these priorities be in a corporate report somewhere for no-one to see, we thought it was important that we share them with our staff, patients and the general public. That is why we produce a graphic version of our priorities – we like to call it our ‘plan on a page’. This plan on a page is displayed on big boards throughout our hospitals, put on our website and shared via social media.

Our plan on a page for 2018/19 is now up on the walls across our three main hospitals and we are in the process of sharing it with our community colleagues. As with previous plans, this one is split into our five pillars – strategy, quality and safety, performance, partnership and engagement, and highlights the areas under each of the pillars that we are focusing on this coming year. 

You can view the full plan below or download it from here.

2019-11-14 15_49_06-014416 NHS.M Plan on a Page 19_20 Board.V7.png

Updated November 2019

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