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Our refreshed strategy

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Our strategy has been refreshed to reflect our changing environment and the challenges we now face: staffing shortages, some poor colleague experiences, financial challenges, changes in the way we work and the growing demand for our services. 

This refreshed strategy sets out our approach to continue to improve and address these issues together and work towards our vision to constantly provide the highest possible standards of compassionate care and the very best patient and staff experience. We will listen to and involve user’s colleagues and partners.

Our values are central to our strategy. They have been designed by our colleagues, members, governors and volunteers and we are extremely proud of them.

Our Values

PATIENTS - Our patients will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect; patient experience is our most important measure of achievement.

PEOPLE - Our colleagues (employees and volunteers) are the ones who make the difference; colleagues understand and share our values and this is reflected in everything they do.

PROGRESS - Our progress will be improved through innovation, education, research and technology to meet the challenges of the future.

PARTNERSHIP - Our partnerships make us stronger; by investing in them, we will deliver the best possible care to our communities.

PERFORMANCE - Our performance drives our organisation. Providing consistently safe, high quality patient-centred care is how we define ourselves and our success.

Moving forward, working with our colleagues and partners, we are developing individual strategies around each of the 5Ps.

The strategy can also be downloaded in a range of other languages for free from this page, along with an audio, large print and easy read version.  However if you do require copy of the Strategy in another format such as Braille or another language please let us know and we would be happy to arrange it for you. You can email your request to: Trust.HQ@mbht.nhs.uk

Updated April 2019

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