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#hellomynameis... campaign still going strong 4 years on

‘I’m going to start a ‘Hello. My name is… campaign. Sent Chris home to design the logo… #hellomynameis’ was the first tweet ever sent by Dr Kate Granger MBE using the now iconic #hellomynameis hashtag back in August 2013.

The Hello My Name Is Campaign was created by Kate, a registrar in elderly medicine, and husband Chris Pointon after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She became frustrated with the number of health and care staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was an inpatient receiving treatment. 

Dr Granger spearheaded the campaign and asked frontline NHS staff to make a pledge to introduce themselves to all patients in order to "make a human connection between one human being who is suffering and vulnerable, and another human being who wishes to help."


Phil Woodford, Associate Director Corporate Affairs at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT), said;



"As an inpatient recently it struck me how much the little things make the biggest difference. I was unable to look after myself, including toileting and washing for a period of time, and it feels like you put your life in the hands of the nurses and doctors, who in my opinion did a fabulous job, but when the interaction is so personal it helps to break down barriers and put patients at some ease by something as simple as somebody saying ‘hello Philip, my name is… and I'm here to help wash you today’ – I'm happy to say that this was my experience over a three month inpatient stay."


Kate used social media to help kick start the campaign and created the hashtag #hellomynameis.


#hellomynameis has so far gained over 1.7 billion social media impressions worldwide, with an average of 6 tweets an hour using the hashtag. The campaign is now supported by more than 100 NHS organisations, including University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT).


Since the campaign, UHMBT have been working to make sure that staff members are not only aware of it, but actively use its message to improve the patient journey.


As a result, #hellomynameis has been incorporated into all staff inductions to make new recruits aware of the importance of introductions, identification bed panels have been installed next to patient beds on all three hospital sites, lanyards with the hashtag have been given to staff, plus a social media campaign using #hellomynameis garden gnomes reached over 80,000 people.



Sadly Kate Granger passed away on 23rd July 2016, but the #hellomynameis campaign lives on through Kate’s husband Chris – who continues to travel the world raising awareness, and through the millions of people across the health and care sectors that have been touched by the dedication of Kate to make a small change that has a huge impact on patient care.


Chris said;

"Hello, my name is Chris Pointon and I am the husband of the late inspiring Dr Kate Granger MBE. My beautiful wife died last year aged just 34 after 5 years living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Following Kate’s death I continue to promote the campaign through talking at various conferences, hospitals, hospices, universities, businesses across the globe and generating worldwide awareness on social media.


The impact of the campaign continues to improve patient care across the globe and we now operate in more than 20 countries and across all continents (just recently adding Antarctica to the list!).


I am currently on a 12 month sabbatical from my career travelling the world raising awareness of the campaign and promoting compassionate care in healthcare and beyond, along with raising vast amounts of money for charity.


The key to the campaigns success is its simplicity, its low cost to implement and its success in improving patient experience."


For more information about the #hellomynameis campaign, search on Twitter or visit https://hellomynameis.org.uk/

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