Publication of summary investigation report into care of Joshua Titcombe

Friday, 4 November 2016 Publication of summary investigation report into care of Joshua Titcombe

Dear all,

I wanted to make you all aware of an important piece of work we have completed following the failures in care provided to Joshua Titcombe at FGH’s Maternity Unit in 2008.

Today, with James and Hoa’s permission, we have published the summary report of this investigation, carried out by external experts from a partner Trust.

No-one will disagree when I say that this type of full investigation into the whole case and the questions raised afterwards should have been done much sooner by the Trust. That is the one thing that I, as Chief Executive, regret, and we whole heartedly apologise for the additional distress that this delay caused James, Hoa and their family.

I’d like to thank Sascha Wells, David Walker, David Wilkinson, and all the staff that assisted in making this piece of work happen. Most of all, I’d like to thank James, and Hoa - their courage and bravery throughout has been inspiring.

James and Hoa Titcombe said: "We are very grateful to the Trust for carrying out such a thorough and honest investigation in to the circumstances of Joshua's death. The last eight years have not been easy, but we now feel that the Trust has done all it can to ensure lessons are learned from what happened. We know that the Trust has worked very hard in recent years to make positive changes and we hope that this work will play a valuable part in sustaining these improvements in the future.

“We also hope that the wider system, including the Ombudsman and Nursing and Midwifery Council will reflect on the lessons from this work and that other maternity units will share in the learning and positive changes made at FGH.

“We would like to thank Jackie and everyone involved for their efforts in carrying out this work."

The summary report can be downloaded by clicking here. I will be also sharing an account of the learning from this piece of work with all staff over the coming weeks.

Jackie Daniel
Chief Executive


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