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Faith Group leaders Conference held on September 29th

Better Care Together is a major change in the way healthcare is delivered to our communities and this is a great opportunity to begin to gain a better understanding and seek to strengthen the links between healthcare chaplaincy and our faith communities.

Why #BCTFaith?

The Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust is engaged in a major restructuring of its healthcare for the local population with a significant shift in emphasis on to community care.  This project is called Better Care Together.  It is designed to give greater support to patients in the community, reducing the need for hospital admissions and creating a significant reduction in hospital beds.  It sees a key part of the success of this change being in the community partnerships that it can develop.

What role can or should faith communities play in these plans?

Faith communities are key community players.  They have local contacts, they have diverse communities that access healthcare and they have members of their communities who are caregivers and members who are healthcare professionals.  Perhaps most importantly many faith communities engage with both their own people and the wider community in the provision of services whether that is social engagement, working with people with dementia or providing rooms for health visitors to use in carrying out their community role. 

Faith groups matter.

This conference was an opportunity for faith group leaders to gain a better insight into how these plans are being implemented and featured key local speakers on Better Care Together, clinical commissioning, and two crucial areas of health care – dementia and end of life care. 

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Reviewed September 2016

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