Gynaecology focuses on the health of the female reproductive system.

At Morecambe Bay we offer a range of Gynaecology Services. Our team includes many specialists consultants, and highly experienced nurses who lead many of our Gynaecology clinics and procedures. 

We offer inpatient and day care services at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) and Furness General Hospital (FGH) and Outpatients services at Westmorland General Hospital (WGH). We also care for patients undergoing breast care surgery on our gynaecology ward at the RLI. 

Whether you are an inpatient on one of our wards, a day patient or an outpatient at one of our Gynaecology clinics, you will be cared for by a team of professionals who will ensure you receive the best possible treatment and care.

Treatments and services offered at our Gynaecology units at UHMBT:


Inpatient and Day Case

Contact details:

Gynaecology at Furness General Hospital
Gynaecology Ward (Ward 1): 01229 870870 (ask for extension 54107)
Gynaecology clinic: 01229 870870 (ask for extension 54230)

Gynaecology at Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Gynaecology Ward (Ward 16): 01524 583820/22
Gynaecology clinic: 01524 583860/61

Further information about Gynaecology services
Further useful information is available on the following websites:

Colposcopy Services

It is very worrying when you get an abnormal smear result. Abnormal cells on the cervix are very common; about 1 in 20 screening samples are abnormal. An abnormal result usually means that small changes have been found in the cells on the cervix (the neck of the womb). These abnormal changes are known as dyskaryosis and act as early warning signals that cervical cancer might develop in the future. It is important to remember that this is very rare indeed for these abnormalities to be cancer.

Colpscopy is a simple examination of your cervix. The examination allows the colposcopist to confirm the presence of abnormal cells and allows an assessment of the severity of the changes so that if needed appropriate treatment can be offered.

We have a dedicated team within colposcopy of both male and female doctors and nurse colposcopists and a trainee nurse colposcopist. 

Quality Assurance (QA) inspection report 2016

The QA team found a well-functioning colposcopy service with strong leadership from the lead colposcopist which is evident throughout the whole team. The visiting team recognise this is a complex geography which maintains a good working multi-disciplinary function across all sites. The enthusiasm of the whole team is to improve its service to women.

Please call the team below with any queries:

Furness Colposcopy: 01229 403616 (Mondayto Friday, from 8.30am - 4.30pm)
Coordinator: Sarah Mason
Admin Assistant: Pat  Nicholson

Lancaster and Kendal Colposcopy: 01524 512338 (Monday to Friday, from 8.30am - 4:30pm
Coordinator: Claire Thornton
Admin Assistant: Lynda Jackson

Useful websites

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at the RLI

Our Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit was set up at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary to help women who have early pregnancy complications or the worry of losing a pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit Relocation to Ward 16 service improvement

Our Mission
To move and enhance an already successful established service in gynaecology clinic to Ward 16.
This will improve efficiency and patient experience by relocating the service to where women potentially undergoing fetal loss or early pregnancy complications have less contact with heavily pregnant women attending ante natal appointments and also to create staffing efficiencies.

What we did

Why it matters

Women who have early pregnancy complications or may have the worry of losing a pregnancy find it upsetting to see heavily pregnant women. We care about our service and are always looking to improve and fine tune what we are doing.
We can efficiently see more women attending the Gynaecology Assessment Unit and Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit in the same location with the same staff therefore providing continuity.

Impact on Patients and staff

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