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Free Wi-Fi for patients and visitors

New WiFi launches at UHMBT.jpgFollowing suggestions from staff, Governors, GPs, and members of the public, free Wi-Fi is now available for patients and visitors at Furness General Hospital, the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, and Westmorland General Hospital.

Being in hospital – whether it is as a patient on a ward or waiting for an outpatient appointment – is not where people would rather be so we hope that being able to use the free Wi-Fi to pass the time, will go some way to help ease the strain for them.

All patients and visitors need to do to access the free Wi-Fi is find the wireless network called 'Public_WiFi’ on their device, and connect to it. Once connected, you can login via Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media. If you do not have any of these social media accounts you can also log on via text message. Further information on how to use the free Wi-Fi is available on the poster, you can view this by clicking here. There will also be posters displayed around the hospitals with information.

People who take up the free Wi-Fi do so at their own risk, and there is no support available to them from staff at the Trust.

Whilst this is fantastic news for patients and visitors, what we need to remember that our staff are there to care for patients and not to act as technical support if someone has trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. We have no doubt that our patients and the public will support us with this plea.

The Wi-Fi system is continuously monitored and will actively prevent access to inappropriate content. There is also a ‘fair usage’ policy to ensure all users are provided with a fair proportion of the download speed available. This means that TV Catch-up and communication services (eg, BBC Iplayer, SkyGo, FaceTime, Skype, etc) may be unreliable, particularly during peak periods.

Last reviewed July 2016

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