Helping you to recover

Quitting smoking before or even during your hospital visit can speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

People who smoke are more likely to:
•    be admitted to hospital
•    stay longer in hospital
•    have complications after an operation.

Stopping smoking at least 8 weeks before surgery will greatly improve your recovery. If that’s not possible, remember that the sooner you stop smoking the better.

Not everyone can plan when they come into hospital, eg in the case of an emergency or treatment for a long term condition, but quitting at any time up to or during your hospital stay is beneficial.

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health.

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Keeping children safe from second hand smoke - Take 7 steps out

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How to contact us

You can contact the NHS North Lancashire Stop Smoking services on the number below, or during your stay in hospital, please ask a member of ward staff to contact our services on your behalf.

NHS Quit Squad - 0800 328 6297

If you live in Cumbria, please call 0300 013 3000 to find a local pharmacy who are offers 1-2-1 support and nicotine replacement therapy.

Updated June 2018

Leaflets to help you quit


No smoking

UHMBT is a no smoking Trust.

Smoking is not permitted on any of the hospital sites.

Giving up smoking is the best thing you can do for your health.
You can contact your local NHS stop smoking services on:

NHS Quit Squad - 0800 328 6297

0300 013 3000 for a Cumbrian pharmacy who offers local support.




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