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Work Experience

What Is Work Experience?

  • Ad-hoc requests from individuals, usually school/college students, although it is open to all ages (16+)
  • Not related to Industry Based Placements for courses; whether this be undergraduates, post graduates, college courses etc
  • Observational only 
  • Only available to those 16+ 
  • Usually between 1-5 days

How to apply?

The Careers & Engagement Team have three 1 month ‘windows’ for applications. The January window for placements in March - June, the May window for placements in July - October and the September window for placements in November - February. This is accessible through the NHS North West Careers website in the placements section. 

The windows are shared extensively with schools and colleges and advertised on our social media platforms.

Subsequent to application

The Careers & Engagement Team will seek placement opportunities from Trust colleagues. Placed applicants will be asked to complete E-learning modules covering Infection Prevention certification, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Confidentiality and a Work Experience Welcome Pack covering uniform, data protection, expectations etc. Supporting managers will be asked to complete an online document detailing their responsibilities and confirming that they understand that the placement is strictly observation only.

Contact Information

For further information/queries please contact:

Sian Jackson, Work Experience Coordinator: sian.jackson@mbht.nhs.uk 

Careers and Engagement Team: work.experience@mbht.nhs.uk