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Urology Investigation

During 2019 the Trust began to investigate concerns which had been raised regarding the urology service. As a result of the initial enquiries it asked NHS England/Improvement to commission an independent external investigation into the service and the allegations that had been made.

NHS England/Improvement then asked Niche Health and Social Care Consulting to carry out this investigation.

The full Urology investigation report was published on 24 November 2021. The report made it very clear that the Trust and the entire health system had taken significant action over a period of time to tackle various concerns that arose. However, it is also clear that the actions that were taken were not detailed or robust enough to ensure the improvements were sustainable and embedded, and more should have been done.

The Trust’s response to the urology report at the time of the publication can be found on our website.

York report into the Royal College of Surgeons Action plan

Review documents

The Royal College of Surgeons visited the Trust urology service in January 2016 and made a series of recommendations.

Renewed scrutiny in 2019 led to the Trust to invite an external peer review from York Hospital's urology team to determine whether the recommended actions were delivered and whether the changes are embedded in practice today. The team visited the Trust on 9 and 10 January 2020 and this is their report. 

York Review of Urology - January 2020