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Clinical Strategy

In June 2022, we launched our new Trust Strategy. This strategy sets out our ambition for the next five years in four priority areas - improving the delivery and quality of care; supporting our colleagues to be the very best they can be; ensuring we make the best use of our resources to support delivery of sustainable services; and recognising the opportunities to collaborate and work in partnership. 

A key component to the success of this strategy is the enabling strategies that sit underneath it - such as the Clinical Strategy, People Strategy, Quality Strategy, Finance Strategy, Estates Strategy, Digital Strategy, etc.  

Led by our Chief Medical Officer, Miss Jane McNicholas, we have started work to refresh our Clinical Strategy. The reasons we need to do this, include:  

  • We serve a growing and ageing population requiring us to better coordinate and join up care  
  • We know we need to improve the quality of our services  
  • Patients’ expectations are changing  
  • There are significant differences in healthy life expectancy and quality of life across difference areas within the Bay, with recent data suggesting this gap is widening  
  • Attracting, training, supporting and retaining the right workforce is one of our biggest challenges and a key challenge across the NHS   
  • Delivery of clinical and financial sustainability  
  • Advances in digital technology, innovation and AI are creating opportunities to radically transform how we deliver our services
  • System reform is giving us growing opportunities to collaborate beyond UHMBT  

At the end of July, we held a launch event where over 150 of our clinical leaders came together working across teams and services to look at some of our models of care and how they could and should look in the future to ensure we offer the best possible quality and safety of care to our local communities - whilst aiming to improve the working lives of colleagues at the same time.  

The models of care being looked at first and foremost are: 

  • Integrated care 
  • Outpatients 
  • Planned care 
  • Urgent and emergency care 
  • Maternity 

As we progress through this work, it is extremely important that we get the views of all of our colleagues and key stakeholders, including patients, families and the public. This new Clinical Strategy cannot be developed in a room with just clinicians - it needs to the input of everyone to make sure it will truly meet the challenges ahead. There will be lots of opportunities for you all to get involved and have your say; and we will share more information on how you can do that in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, if you would like to get involved and have your say, please contact the team on and they will add you to our mailing list.