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Our Council of Governors

The Governors provide a vital link between the communities and groups they serve and the Trust Board, which has the statutory responsibility for the management of the organisation.

They also have a number of statutory roles, including providing their view on our forward planning, appointing and deciding the terms of office of the Chair and other Non Executive Directors of the Board, approving the appointment of the Chief Executive, appointing or removing our auditors and receiving our annual accounts, auditor's reports and annual report.

The Council of Governors have regular meetings that are open to foundation trust (FT) members, and the public are welcome to observe. Governors, FT members and members of the public can ask questions at the start of the meetings of the Council of Governors, provided that they have given details of the question to the Chair at least 2 working days in advance.

You can contact the Council of Governors via

Our Governors

David Wilton, GovernorDavid Wilton

This is a rewarding role which oversees the health provision in your area.

George Butler

George Butler.jpgI have a strong association with healthcare in Cumbria. I trained as a general nurse at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle in the 1960s, eventually returning to  South Cumbria as Director of Nurse Education in the 1980s. Subsequent changes in nurse education saw me take up post as Vice Principal of Lakeland College of Nursing and Midwifery and ultimately to deputy to the Head of School in Higher Education. In between my Cumbrian ventures I worked in Cardio-thoracic nursing at Brompton Hospital, London and the regional centre at Freeman Hospital. I have a Masters Degree with Distinction in Community and Health Ethics. My research background is in promoting equality for minority groups both in recruitment and promotion. I tutored with the Open University for over a decade on their Health and Disease programme, and was a Magistrate in Criminal and Family Court for over a decade. I have been a Governor for a total of over 9 years with two different NHS Trusts, four of them as Deputy Lead Governor.

My main focus as a Public Governor is trying to ensure best practice in delivering care to our local population. We are bound by national standards and it is important that these are in place to meet the care needs of our patients in hospital and at home. With a background in health ethics I believe I am able to make a contribution in determining whether standards in health care are fair and equitable

Shirley-Anne Wilson

Shirley-Ann Wilson, GovernorI care passionately about the NHS and believe the staff do amazing work under very difficult circumstances. 

I wanted to be a governor to be a voice for those who feel they aren’t heard and also to encourage transparency and accountability in all the NHS do. 

I feel strongly about health inequality and would hope to see this being addressed and prioritised. All healthy organisations welcome challenge.

Les Hall

Les Hall.jpgA Public Governor needs to be a Critical Friend of the Trust unafraid to raise issues and, if required, strong enough hold the Non Executive Directors to account. I have previously been fortunate to serve as a Governor of the Trust and I believe this will help me hit the ground running.

There are many challenge’s facing the UHMB Trust and I want to be a governor to help ensure that our community’s interests are fully represented and have a say in the shaping of our local services by acting as an interface between the Trust and the community it serves.

I believe it is important for the community to have an input into the direction and priorities of the Trust as It has a major impact on all local families.

I am a Barrovian through and through and now I'm retired I want to give back to my community. I'm a school Governor at two local primary schools one as the Chair of Governors.

in addition to my experience and knowledge of the UHMB Trust governance, that I gained from attending training courses and meetings I have an extensive range of management experience at senior level in the Engineering Industry. This includes strategy development; risk analysis; people development; project management; financial control: contract management and tendering and team building; all by interacting effectively with both internal an external contacts.

Val Richards

Val Richards, GovernorAs a previous employee of the trust, I am very proud to represent Yorkshire and Lancashire as a public governor. I am very keen to follow the patients journey from referral to completion and looking into the back log of the waiting lists, I am also looking into the staff's health and well being, they have all worked so hard during covid and I don't see any let up in the near future. I am available for anyone to contact with any problems they have at

Lorraine Crossley-Close

Lorraine Crossley-Close, Head GovernorI became a Governor to help the Trust give patients the best care they can have by being supportive, friendly critical and polite. 

We all see a ‘whose to blame culture‘ which with the assistance of other Governor’s we can change to ‘how can we help to improve things and prevent issues arising’.

I was a nurse for nearly three decades and by being a Governor I can continue to care for those in our communities.

Sue Robb

Sue Robb, GovernorI want to be able to ‘put to good use’ my forty years experience and knowledge of working in the NHS, to seek to influence the quality of local services and to represent the interests of the public.

I hope to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to the role of governor, to act as an advocate by listening to local people in shaping the future of local health care. I am committed to provide a strong link with the community and I am prepared to challenge and contribute to making the services the Trust provides to be of the highest possible standard.

Adam Bateman

Adam Bateman, Governor.jpgI am a serving soldier of 20 years and have been fortunate enough to have served in many countries including here in the UK, Germany, Kenya, Afghanistan and Iraq. The military, like the NHS, is scrutinised to certify it represents value for money and provides a suitable service to the taxpayer and I am proud that I am able to support the trust in ensuring that the service is cost effective in all departments, from recruitment and training all the way to front line care.

NHS funding is a highly contentious issue, but additional funding can only go so far.  I will support the trust in ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum and departmental spending is scrutinised to investigate efficiency and I see my role and that of the council of governors to ask the difficult questions on this subject.

I fully support the board in delivering excellence in all areas and I am passionate in ensuring that patients get the service they need, and I will campaign rigorously against any attempts to move the service away from traditional methods to online appointments when many patients require face to face engagement.

I look forward to working with the trust and my fellow governors and I will do everything I can to ensure the trust is giving the best possible service.

Safiq Master

Awaiting profile

Jim Wood

Jim Wood, GovernorI began my working-life as a teacher in secondary schools and then moved into the higher education sector. It was there that I became closely involved, both at local and at national level, in the academic accreditation of degree-level programmes in nursing, midwifery and professions allied to medicine. Prior to my election as a governor I had served on the local Alzheimer's Society committee, the Lancaster and Morecambe Community Health Council (as a vice-chair) and the Public and Patient Involvement Forum for the regional ambulance service. Having now lived in Lancaster for over fifty years I have had many occasions to use, and have greatly benefitted from, the wide range of services provided by our local hospital trust.

As a governor I have taken the opportunity to take on a number of volunteering roles within the hospital including membership of quality-assurance inspection groups, as well as acting as a ward-visitor and as a 'welcomer' on the enquiry desk. In this way I meet a broad cross-section of patients, carers and staff, gather their opinions on our services and the hospital environment, and follow up - as appropriate - their concerns and suggestions.

Jan Christian

Jan Christian, GovernorI was born in Lancaster in 1966 at RLI and have always regarded Morecambe Bay as my home. I left to complete my nurse training in Edinburgh and have worked for the NHS my entire career until retiring in 2021. 

My parents lived in Lancaster, Mum also working as a nurse at RLI and both died in RLI in 2012 and 2021. 
My experiences as a senior nurse in the NHS and as a patient and relative receiving care from this Trust have inspired me to want to contribute to the improvement agenda and to continue the good work recognised recently by the CQC. 

I already contribute, hands on, delivering direct patient care to help address the national staffing crisis, practically, as a staff nurse on the bank, but as a governor I can use my previous 37 years NHS experience to contribute to strategy and improvement at a more senior level and to truly be a voice for the people of Lancashire and North Yorkshire.

I am a Registered nurse with a Ba (Hons) in Rehabilitation and a Masters in Business Administration.
With 26 years experience as Matron/Lead Nurse in 5 different Acute Trusts, I am used to taking responsibility for agreeing, monitoring and devising methods to improve standards of clinical and non-clinical care in the NHS by listening to and representing the patients' and staff's experiences.

Suzie Hayman

Suzie Hayman, GovernorI have lived in Cumbria for 38 years so I am an offcomer but a loyal Cumbrian at heart – it is my home. And I think we deserve the best that the NHS can give us. So I welcome the opportunity as a governor to represent patients and the relatives of patients of UHMB and be at the heart of much needed change, driving improvement and innovation from my professional experience and from my personal experience of being the wife of a patient. I am a Relate-trained counsellor, a writer with 31 published books, the agony aunt of a national magazine, an experienced radio and television broadcaster, an accredited parenting practitioner and a trustee with many years’ experience on the boards of national charities in the fields of sexual health, family issues and of supporting children in care and young people with disabilities.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, GovernorI'm Mike Wilson a Public Governor for the South Lakes & North Cumbria. I'm based in Kendal and have been fortunate enough to live and work in the area all my life. My role, as a public Governor, is to represent the interests of the members of the local NHS foundation trust and the interests of the public at large.

I work with other Governors and the trust's Non-Executive Director's to give voice to member's and the wider public's opinions and concerns. We aspire to be a useful part of the process which helps the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay board of directors deliver good quality healthcare for the local population.

Living in the local community I am acutely aware of the impact of the level of care delivered by the Trust on individuals, their families and the community at large. I therefore strive, with others, to enhance the quality of service provided.

Since the Health and Care Act 2022 came into force on the 1st of July we also have the opportunity to help our board of directors integrate our care systems and hospitals with those of surrounding Trusts. In practice we hope to assist those Trusts which in some areas perform less well than we do, and for us to seek help in areas where perhaps we are weaker.

As Public Governors we will give input into the New Hospitals Programme which will hopefully deliver better hospital provision in the geographical area covered by our trust.

If you want to be part of the process that gets your voice heard on the New Hospitals Programme and helps give better healthcare for you and your family, then perhaps you may consider becoming a member of the trust?

I can be contacted at

Sarah Edmundson

Sarah Edmundson Pic.pngOften described as empathetic yet determined, I care passionately about continually raising the standard of healthcare in our region.

I have recently been under the care of the UHMB for Cancer diagnoses and treatment. During this time I have observed excellence in patient care and experience, yet also areas where there could be clear improvements to process, procedure and experience for all stakeholders. I have extensive Private and Third Sector business experience at senior level that I look forward to putting good use, and I feel passionately about giving something back to the trust that has cared for me.

Alongside my first hand patient experience, I also bring a whole host of business and user experience skills to the role as a young business leader, these include;

Business Analysis, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Change Management, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Coaching and Mentoring, Budgeting & Forecasting, Management of Productivity and Efficiency.

My core values are honesty, integrity and a passion for the greater good and I pride myself in highly effective communication to a diverse audience.

Whilst I acknowledge experience is important to fulfil such a vitally important role, I do also bring a fairly unique perspective in terms of generational and societal expectations, culture, digital adoption and accessibility for all.

Thank you for nominating me; I look forward to representing and helping the people in a region which I have called home for my whole life.

Jane Kenny (Management & Admin)

Jane Kenny Governor photo.jpgJane Kenny is the Lead Nurse for the Lancashire and South Cumbria New Hospitals Programme.

I am Lead Nurse for the Lancashire and South Cumbria New Hospitals Programme and also support the Chief Medical Officers workstreams within the Recovery Support Programme. My career to date has been at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay with some experience in the private and voluntary sector and overseas working. I feel fortunate in the opportunities my career has provided me with, including the in-depth knowledge and ability to consistently deliver on clinical performance as well as operational and quality standards. I believe my responsibility as a leader is to ensure the NHS constitution is a reality for staff and patients.

I have undertaken a variety of ward and corporate nursing to operational management roles, and this has provided me with a broad portfolio of skills, aptitudes and exposure to national regulatory bodies.

The Associate Director of Nursing role has provided me with a platform to consolidate the skills I have learned to date. Creating the right conditions for staff to flourish has been a strapline throughout this role. One of the key roles is to create the right culture and climate to have open discussions about quality.

I am excited off the opportunity of being able to represent staff on the governing body, and bring with me my professional experience and knowledge. I hope to share the views and where, appropriate, the concerns of staff with the governing body and act as a conduit between staff and the governing body.

Lakshmanan Radhakrishnan (Medical & Dental)

Awaiting profile

Sam Mackinnon (Allied Health Professionals)

Sam McKinnon, Governor.jpgMy name is Sam Mackinnon and from 24/10/22 I will be working as the Clinical Lead Occupational therapist for Stroke. I have been fortunate to develop experience across a broad range of clinical areas including Medicine, Orthopaedics, Frailty, Stroke and Complex Discharge. This has enabled me to work alongside MDT colleagues across all disciplines. I am passionate about promoting positive changes and ensuring that we can all work efficiently and effectively, to ensure that patients receive the best outcomes. I am excited for the opportunity to represent AHP's on the board of governors and provide a voice for all AHP's. I believe this will be a great opportunity to be able to share the great work we are all doing. whilst being able to also highlight any areas that may require support in their continued development, to help ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Karen Donaldson (Community Services)

Karen Donaldson, Governor photoI strongly believe that our community staff have the clearest understanding of the needs of our community services, the challenges we face and the solutions that will help, and I feel the

community staff governor role is an opportunity to further enable our community staff to have a stronger voice in UHMBT, so that we can become more integrated into the Trust

I have always felt passionate about enabling and supporting staff to develop and thrive in their roles. I am confident advocating for staff and the needs of patient services, and will question actions or decisions that don't feel right.

I have worked in local community roles for 14 years, and whilst I have a good awareness of our services, if appointed to the role of governor I would relish the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of our services, in order to represent the community staff membership effectively.

My current role is a clinical leadership position (Respiratory Advanced Clinical Practitioner) within the Bay-wide Community Respiratory, MBRN and COVID Recovery services, these services have seen huge staffing and service changes over the last few years, and I've had the opportunity to be leading, championing and informing the direction of these, representing both the needs of our patients and staff as part of these changes, skills and experience that would allow me to represent the community staff as governor.

Bob Bain (Estates and Facilities)

I have worked for the NHS in UHMB Trust in Estates and Facilities Dept for 6 years now, in my rolesBob Bain Staff Governor.jpg I have dealt with both patients and staff at all levels, I have always put patients first and come across some challenging issues, as a governor I would ensure that patient care and the needs of people who use our services within the Trust at all of our three Hospitals will remain the first priority as always.

I can bring Independance, commitment and willingness and to listen but also question. I care about our patients and staff and the services the trust provides. I wish to bring the knowledge and experience of the members of staff into discussions and decisions about the future and direction of the Trust.

Throughout my working career I have dealt with people at all levels from Board Directors and down, I have always taken the time to listen to people and their needs in my work life, I have a can-do attitude in work and also out of work. I am tenacious and have the ability to see the bigger picture to implement change if needed.

UHMB is a great place to be cared for and a great place to work and I will ensure that this statement is upheld at all times.


Vacant post - Registered Nurses, Midwives & Operating Department Practitioners

  • Brian Webster-Henderson, University of Cumbria
  • Laura Kornas, Lancaster University
  • Cllr Michael Green, Lancashire County Council