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Hospital contact numbers


What is eLetters?

eLetters is an electronic patient letters system that UHMBT first introduced in August 2020 starting with Gynaecology appointments, rolling out to other services throughout the rest of the year and into 2021.

Patients who have a smartphone number registered with the hospital are sent their letters digitally. If the eLetter isn’t accessed within 48 hours or a patient’s Smartphone number is not held with the hospital, a postal letter is then automatically sent and the digital letter is deleted. 

Patients have the option to opt-out of the eLetters system if they wish to still receive their letters via post.

  • While arranging your appointment, the booking team will ask if you would like to receive your appointment letter via eLetters. 

  • Via eLetters, you’ll receive a text message to your mobile phone the morning after the appointment has been booked with a secure link to your letter and a unique 4-digit pin 

  • Click the link to access the UHMBT eLetters system 

  • Enter your 4-digit pin and your Date of Birth  

  • Your appointment letter will then be accessible via the button on the main page 

If you do not access the link sent to your mobile within 48 hours, then your letter is automatically sent to you via post.

You will still receive a text message with a link to your letter and can copy the link to a computer internet browser to access your letter via eLetters. 

If you do not access the link within 48 hours, then your letter is automatically sent to you via post. 

If you do not access the link sent to your mobile within 48 hours, then your letter is automatically sent to you via post.  

You can opt out of the eLetters service at any time by speaking with a member of staff when arriving for your hospital appointment, by calling the booking team on the number in your letter and asking them to update your preferences to postal letters or by selecting the opt out button on the eLetters app contact page. 

At present, you will need to contact the booking team on the number stated in your appointment letter to request a new appointment time.  

The eLetters system has an additional level of security in that Date of Birth verification is required to access your letter.

You will be sent a text reminder before your appointment.  

The Patient Contact Centre can also be contacted on 01539 716998 at any time to ask questions about your appointments.  

The same procedure should be followed as if a patient has not brought their physical letter to an appointment. Please turn up at the hospital and speak with the Reception team.  

  • Confirm, rebook or cancel appointments* 
  • Add your appointment date to your phone calendar  
  • Work out appointment travel plans with a link to Google Maps 

*rebooking or cancelling appointments will only be available up to two weeks before your appointment date via the UHMB eLetters system.