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UHMBT celebrates the huge contribution that nurses make to the NHS on International Nurses’ Day 2024

7 May 2024

  • Making improvements
  • Delivering outstanding care and experience
  • Creating the best culture and conditions for colleagues
  • Campaigns and awareness

Tabetha Darmon Chief Nursing Officer UHMBT Nurses Day 2024.pngAmazing nurses working throughout University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) are being celebrated in the run-up to International Nurses’ Day.

Nurses Day takes place every year on May 12 – the date of legendary nurse Florence Nightingale’s birth.

The work of wonderful nurses at UHMBT is being highlighted and the Trust is sharing some of the fantastic feedback that nursing colleagues have received.

Nurses and support workers make up a huge portion of UHMBT’s workforce with more than 2,200 nurses working in teams across the Trust’s hospitals and in the community. The Trust is delighted to be playing an active role in training the next generation of nurses with more than 350 student and apprentice nurses supported with placements at the Trust. UHMBT also employs more than 800 clinical support workers who are an invaluable support to nurses in caring for patients.

Below is a selection of quotes that have been submitted to the recent UHMBT Chief Nursing Officer Awards. The quotes highlight the thoughts and feelings that other colleagues have towards nursing colleagues:

Dan West 2.png“Her selfless support for colleagues reflects dedication and excellence as a nursing and people services professional.”

“This nurse holds all the qualities of a great leader. Personally, she has been a phenomenal role model, a trusting, honest, courageous nurse and an advocate for our patients and our staff.”

“At every level of her career, she has inspired so many to reach their goal. She goes above and beyond to support, encourage, and motivate her team.”

“She is always willing to go above and beyond in her role. She is caring and supportive of all members of staff.”

“This nurse is outstanding with patients in her care. She always puts her heart and soul into her work.”

“His enthusiasm and commitment to training is outstanding. All staff attending his training sessions are made to feel welcome are put at ease and he endeavours to make training scenarios realistic and accessible to all.”

“They are an incredibly dedicated team. They have helped both me and my friends ease into our transition to new environment and experiences. Their supportiveness and sensitivity to our needs have been invaluable.”

“Despite the challenges we have faced, our team has remained resilient and dedicated to providing high quality patient care. We are proud of the strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork that has developed within our team, and we are confident that we will continue to overcome any obstacles that come our way.”

“She's always welcoming to everyone, from the first day on the ward and every day. Always ready and happy to help and making sure everyone is comfortable and working well as a team.”

“They are very skilled and experienced, and they remain calm in all situations to deliver excellent service to all patients.”

“This nurse has the natural ability to motivate the whole team, encouraging and nurturing new staff members and students to improve their standard of peri-operative care to the next level.”

Lorna Pritt Associate Chief Nurse Nurses Day UHMBT 2024.pngTabetha Darmon, Chief Nursing Officer, UHMBT, said: “I chose to become a nurse following the death of my son when he was only four years old, from a missed diagnosis of a heart condition. The desire to understand, have knowledge and skills, at the time felt strong and inside me I thought I could have saved him. Therefore, my motivation was to try and make a difference to other people’s lives through providing care and compassion, and I still believe that.

“A good nurse is not just a nurse, but an advocate for patients through difficult times, an active listener; and someone who has the courage to speak up when things go wrong. Remember, as nurses our patients are ‘people first’ before they become unwell. Therefore, I love what I do and celebrate being a nurse with pride. To all our nurses, student nurses and support workers – a huge thank you!”

Dan West, Deputy Chief Nurse, UHMBT, said: “On International Nurses’ Day it is important to acknowledge the power of kindness and the impact that professional nursing care has on the lives of our community every day. I am reminded of an anonymous quote that may be worth reflection: 'Save one life and you are a hero; save a hundred lives and you are a nurse.' Thank you to all nurses for your skill, your commitment, and your compassion.”

Lorna Pritt, Associate Chief Nurse, UHMBT, said: “I have been a registered nurse for over 23 years. Nursing is a rewarding, tough, challenging, amazing, varied, and empowering career. I have been able to study and expand my skills in several fields of work which has meant I have always had something new to learn and discover. Some of the best experiences I have had as a nurse have been in times of challenge, when you are able to support colleagues and patients through stressful and emotional struggles. I am proud to be a nurse and work with such amazing colleagues here at UHMBT, and I wish everyone a fantastic International Nurses' Day.”

Andrew Thompson Acting Deputy Associate Director of Nursing Nurses Day UHMBT 2024.pngAndrew Thompson, Acting Deputy Associate Director of Nursing, UHMBT, said: “I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2005 and have worked at UHMBT since March 2017 when I started as a Clinical Site Manager. I am immensely proud of my profession and often reflect on my practice and experience and the difference that I have made to patients’ lives over the years. I am constantly amazed by the dedication and commitment our nursing teams show towards patient care and safety on a daily basis. Despite significant pressures our teams are under, the resilience they display must be commended and their passion for care celebrated. I am proud not only to be a nurse but also a member of the UHMBT senior nursing team."

Professor Pat Cullen, Royal College of Nursing (RCN) General Secretary and Chief Executive, said: “Nursing is a highly skilled, safety-critical profession. We are experts, we are leaders. Nurses dedicate themselves to ensuring that they deliver the best possible care to those they care for from the moment they enter the world, to the moment they leave it - and every stage in between.”  

Everyone can also get involved by sharing stories on social media about a time when a nursing colleague made a difference using #NursesDay in the post. 

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