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Celebrating National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day

10 June 2022

15 June 2022 is the first ever National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day.

The day is a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the thousands of staff working in our estates and facilities (E&F) teams across Morecambe Bay, and recognising the critical importance of E&F services in the delivery of care to our patients.

Estates and Facilities services are estimated to make up around 8% of the NHS staffing, but their work is sometimes overlooked. Understandably, the public perception of the NHS is often focussed on medical staff, but patient care would be impossible without the army of E&F professionals working alongside them. 

We'll be sharing quotes, photos, thank you's and fun facts from switchboard, catering, porters, domestics and more to celebrate our estates & facilities colleagues across Morecambe Bay. #HealthEFMDay

Our three main hospital sites produce around 772 tonnes of clinical waste per year - that's the equivalent of 63 double decker buses.
The RLI Works department carries out regular PAT (portable appliance testing) checks on around  17,000 items.
Last year, our Sterile Services teams cleaned, sterilized and repackaged 79,304 theatre instruments and  19,202 Endoscopy Scopes.
Every month, our WGH porters  transport 300 patients,  sort 40,000 pieces of mail, deliver 1,000 cages of supplies, and  walk roughly 600,000 steps.
I love my role because "I feel appreciated and listened to. It is engaging and all my colleagues make it a good place to work."
I love my role because When a project ends, I can see a clear improvement for patients and staff as a result of my involvement.
Our FGH catering team makes more than 144,000 meals for people out in the Barrow community.
We have 62 people working in our Sterile Services teams in Lancaster and Barrow, who have a combined staff service of 847 years.
Our WGH catering team make over 6,500 meals for patients and serves more than 20,000 portions of chips every year.
A highlight of my career has been "Engaging with the patients when I was a Domestic, and hopefully making their stay a little brighter."
I wanted to work in estates and facilities because "I wanted to give back for all the care I had received from the NHS."
I love my role because "It gives me the opportunity to work with a team that designs new buildings and major refurbishments within the Trust. Creating modern environments that help to improve patient care, reduce hospital stay times, reduce infections
Our RLI catering team make around 277,680 sandwiches per year and serve more than 23,000kg of chips.
In the 6 months between 1 December 2021 - 31 May 2022, our  Switchboard team received  628, 994 incoming calls.
Every month, our WGH domestic team cleans around 820 sinks and toilets, carries out around 40 deep cleans, and mops more than 100,000 square metres of flooring.
I aspire to "Continuing to hopefully make a difference in a small way, where I can."
A highlight of my career has been Slowly seeing the old 1960s hospital stock changing into modern healthcare facilities.
I love my role because "No matter how tough it gets, the people in our team all pull together to help eachother out and get the job done." - Sue Robinson, Capital Services department