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John's Campaign

16 November 2020

John’s Campaign is a national campaign which recognises the important role of family members who care for people living with dementia and people with complex needs, including learning disabilities and or autism. The campaign also emphasizes that carers should not just be allowed but should be welcomed into all care settings.

Johns Campaign is in place at UHMBT to offer the opportunity of support by families and carers during inpatient or outpatient care. It allows the carer or family member to be present during general care, mealtime support and decision making as an advocate for the person receiving treatment.

The key focus behind John’s Campaign is a safe and open visiting culture; supporting carer access to the hospital outside of normal visiting hours to enable them to be with the person when they may be stressed, anxious, upset or lonely or to help with care needs; decision making and advocacy.

Due to current visiting restrictions and additional COVID precautions there are now new procedures and guidelines in place on our wards to ensure carers, loved ones, other patients and staff remain safe and protected.

The ward on which your loved one is a patient will be able to advise you on all the current requirements, including registration and provision of a personal Johns Campaign lanyard for visiting.

If you require additional Johns Campaign information please email the Patient Experience team or email Dianne Smith, Dementia Matron.

The John’s Campaign website also outlines the history of John’s Campaign, showcases the voices of some of those who have provided its inspiration and support, and provides details of the organizations with whom John’s Campaign has worked in partnership.