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Weekly News 18 February 2021 *LGBT+ History Month Special*

18 February 2021

To celebrate LGBT+ history month we have put together a special edition of weekly news. 

This week’s edition includes news, lived experiences, opinion pieces and much more.   

Implementation plan to develop the Sexual Orientation Monitoring Information Standard for UHMBT patients  

With partners, NHS England has developed a new ‘Sexual Orientation Information Standard’ also known as SOM. The aim of the Standard is to make sure that people who have the opportunity to record their SOM with the Trust and get information in the right format for them. 

Intersectionality Matters 

Intersectionality is a term that’s come into the mainstream in the past few years – but what does it mean, and why does it matter? 

The Legacy of Section 28 – an opinion  

The LGBT+ community campaigned and protested for the repeal of the act, along side other anti-LGBT+ policies. These protests often ended up in violence from both protestors and the police due to homophobia, lack of education and awareness which led to a big mistrust in the police for a long time.


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