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Adult Speech & Language Therapy

The Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service provides assessment, treatment and support to  patients who have difficulties communicating  or swallowing as a result  of a variety of conditions. Communication difficulties can include problems making speech sounds, understanding language, putting words together, stammering, voice (such as persistent hoarseness) or social communication skills. This could be due to a variety of medical conditions.

Difficulty eating and/or swallowing may be the result of injury, surgery, or a neurological condition such as a stroke.

Speech and Language Therapists will assess an adult’s difficulty and develop an individual therapy/management programme which is tailored to their needs. This programme will involve the adult working closely with the Speech and Language Therapist to manage their communication and/or feeding skills.

You can self-refer to a Speech and Language Therapist by contacting your local team, details of which are below.

Contact Details

Furness General Hospital
Dalton Lane
LA14 4LF
Tel: 01229 403597 (community)
Tel: 01229 403596 (hospital)

Hospital: 01524 583261

Community: 01524 591609

Blackhall unit
Westmorland General Hospital
Burton Road
Tel: 01539 716730 (hospital & community)