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Childrens Day Care

We have Childrens Day Care services at both the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Furness General Hospital. Children undergoing medical investigations or day case surgery are admitted to the day care unit.

Children’s day care at the RLI is on ward 32 alongside the children’s ward, and at FGH it is located on the children’s ward.

Children requiring day case surgery will be admitted to the children’s day care unit. Depending on the time of your operation you will be asked to come in at either 07:30am or 11:30am. It is very important that you follow the instructions that have been sent to you, especially the ones about nothing to eat or drink. You will also have been sent information about your stay. If you wish you can arrange to come and visit the ward before your operation and meet the play specialist. They will go through what to expect on the day of your operation. If you want to bring any special teddy bear or blanket with you that is absolutely okay.

When you arrive on the ward you will be shown where your bed will be. Your nurse for the day will introduce themselves and will ask your parent or guardian and you some questions. They will also check your weight, blood pressure and temperature, and they will put some cream on your hands and give you some paracetamol medicine. You will have a special band put around your wrist with your name and birthday on it.

The anaesthetist will also come to see you. They are the doctor who will help you sleep whilst you have your operation.

The surgeon will then come and see you. This is the doctor who will be doing your operation. They may ask your parents or guardian to sign a form to say it’s alright for you to have your operation.

Once you have been seen by everyone you can then stay by your bed or go and play in the playroom, or the Den until it is time to go to theatre.

When it is your turn for theatre, your parents or guardian and the play specialist will go with you and stay until you are fast asleep. Once everything is over and you are awake you will be taken back to your bed. Your nurse will keep checking to make sure you are okay and you will be allowed to have something to eat and drink. Your nurse will check if you need any medicines to take home or if you need to come back to see the doctor. Once your nurse feels you are better you will be allowed to go home with your parents or guardian.

If you are coming for medical investigations, an appointment will be sent to you with information about the tests you are going to be having. On the day of your investigations you will come to the day care unit and the investigations will be carried out. Everything will be fully explained and you can ask any questions you wish.

If you have to wait, there is a playroom with lots of toys to keep you occupied or if you are older you could visit the Den which has games consoles, a large screen TV and comfy sofas. There is also a play specialist available who can provide lots of distractions during your tests to take your mind off things.

Once the tests are finished you are free to go home. Your parents or guardian will be told how and when the results will be available.