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Pain Management

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines pain as "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described as such". Chronic Pain, in addition to this, describes any pain that exceeds three months duration, not infrequently without a directly identifiable cause and can have a devastating impact on patients’ lives as it usually affects the family and society at large. It is frequently associated with significant loss of quality of life, anxiety, depression, reduced physical and social functioning resulting in loss of employment, increase in social disharmony and reduction of GDP as economic consequence.

Our Pain Management Service offers a whole range of therapeutic strategies for many chronic pain conditions. We are proud to having served the Bay Community for over 20 years and continue to develop new exciting treatment strategies including interventional, physiotherapeutic and psychological approaches. This within a holistic framework tailored to suit the individual. We are furthermore offering medication review and reduction clinics.

The COVID-19 crisis has, of course, also affected our service but we are planning to return to a full spectrum service in the near future. Excellent pain management requires close and fruitful collaboration with all stakeholders and particularly with our colleagues in Primary Care. To this end we will continue to build close relationships with all GP surgeries in the Bay Area including a well-received Advice & Guidance Service as well as regular educational meetings.

Our dedicated team is looking forward to continuing to work hard for you and your patients!

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Pain Management Secretaries
Westmorland General Hospital
Burton Road​
Tel: 01539 715147 / 01539 715144