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Council of Governors' meeting agenda: 19 March 2024

Tuesday 19 March 2024 at 2pm Auction Mart, J36, Kendal

Please note the meeting will also take place via Microsoft Teams.


32 Apologies for absence

33 Minutes of the Council of Governors’ Meeting held on 15 November 2022

34 Action Sheet and Matters arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 5 December 2024

35 Chair’s Report

36 Chief Executive’s Report

37 Head Governor Report

38 NHS Staff Survey 2023

i) UHMB Annual Plan 2024/25
ii) Annual Budget 2024/25

40 Provider Collaboration Board (PCB) Update

41 Reports of:
i. Governor Subgroups
a) Minutes of FT & Comms 1 February 2024
b) Minutes of People & OD and Finance 5 February 2024
c) Minutes of Quality and Patient Experience 5 February 2024

ii. Aligned Board Assurance Committees
a) People Committee Chairs Report 22 January 2024
b) Finance & Performance Committee Chairs Report 19 February 2024
c) Quality Committee Chairs Report 26 February 2024

42 Terms of Reference
i. People & OD and Finance
ii. Quality and Patient Experience
iii. FT membership and Communications 
iv. Nominations Committee

43 Governor Self-Assessment

44 Council of Governors Subgroup Membership

45 Questions received on notice from members and the public

46 Attendance Monitoring Register

47 Urgent Business

48 Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting: 2pm, 21 May 2024, WGH Boardroom and via MS Teams.