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Council of Governors' meeting agenda: 5 December 2023

Tuesday 5 December 2023 in the Friends Meeting Room, Quarter Tapestry, Kendal.

Please note the meeting will also take place via Microsoft Teams

Commencing at 2pm


32. Apologies for absence

33. Minutes of the Council of Governors’ Meeting held on 14 September 2023

34. Action Sheet and Matters arising from the Minutes of the Council of Governors meeting held on 14 September 2023

35. Chair’s Report

36. Appointment of Deputy Chair

37. Chief Executive’s Report

38. Head Governor Report

39. Appointment of new Head Governor

40. Reports of

i. Governor Subgroups
a) Minutes of FT & Comms 9 November 2023
b) Minutes of People & OD and Finance 10 November 2023
c) Minutes of Quality and Patient Experience 6 November 2023

ii. Aligned Board Assurance Committees
a) People Committee Chairs Report 18 September 2023
b) Finance & Performance Committee Chairs Report 16 October 2023
c) Quality Committee Chairs Report 23 October 2023

41. Council of Governors Subgroup Membership

42. Questions received on notice from members and the public

Questions from Sue Allison;

1/ Sue Allison, public member, has asked two questions relating to the suspension of the two governors. As the investigation is still ongoing, the Chair has decided not to allow the questions but a statement on the progress of the investigation is included in his report.

Question from Derek Allison:

2/ Derek Allison, member of the public, has raised a question relating to the policy of the Trust on the payment of staff on long term sick leave. Macmillan Cancer Support recommend that for staff affected by cancer, full pay should continue beyond six months. Derek has also raised support for attending appointments. Details have been shared with the staff governors and they have asked the Trust to review existing policies.

43. Attendance Monitoring Register

44. Urgent Business

45. Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting: Tuesday 19 March 2024 at 2pm Venue TBC