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Trust Board meeting agenda: 31 August 2022

Wednesday 31 August 2022 in the Board Room, Westmorland General Hospital, Burton Road, Kendal LA9 7RG

Please note the meeting will also take place via Microsoft Teams.

Commencing at 10am


90. Welcome and Introductions

91. Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting held on 27 July 2022

92. Action Sheet and Matters arising from the Minutes of the Public Meeting of the Board of Directors held on 27 July 2022

93. Patient Story

94. Chair’s Report

95. Chief Executive’s Report

96. Head Governor Update

97. Recovery Support Programme – UHMB Improvement Plan

98. Care Quality Commission (CQC), Niche and Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Improvement Plan Progress Report

99. Maternity Safety Update

100i. Integrated Performance Dashboard and Report Month 3 incorporating matters raised by the Executive Team and through the Assurance Committees.

100ii. Minutes and 3A Reports from Assurance Committees

a) Audit Committee Minutes from Meeting on 21 June 2022 and 3A Report from Meeting on 25 August 2022

b) Finance and Performance Committee 3A Report from Meeting on 8 August 2022

Business Case – Oncology Estate Plan – Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI)

101. Cultural Transformation Programme

102. Integrated Care System Update / Provider Collaborative Update

103. Quality Governance & Accountability Framework

104. Membership Strategy

105. Attendance Monitoring Register

106. Schedule of Business

107. Urgent Business

108. Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting: Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 10am in the Board Room, Westmorland General Hospital, Kendal LA9 7RG