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Areas of focus

For an organisation that has more than 9,000 colleagues providing services 24/7 across hospitals and in the community, it is safe to say that there is a lot going on. It’s important that we have a common set of priorities that we all contribute to in order to achieve what we are here for - offering safe and high-quality services to our local communities.

That is why we have our areas of focus each year. Whilst they don’t detail absolutely everything that we all must do in the coming year, they do allow each of us to be on the same page about what we are focusing on as an organisation and the key areas that we should be considering in all we do.

The areas of focus are a vital part of how we will achieve what we set out in our new Trust Strategy - Putting Patients First, so they reflect our four strategic priorities.Graphic which includes our four areas of focus for 2023 - 2024 in separate coloured swirls

The areas of focus for 2024/25 are:

Deliver outstanding care and experience

We will:  

  • Improve access, standards of care and outcomes across all our services

  • Be person centred, seeking equitable outcomes for people and communities facing additional challenges or barriers

  • Embed a culture of continuous quality improvement

  • Ensure we have the processes in place to truly learn when we get things wrong

Create the culture and conditions for our colleagues to be the very best they can be  

We will

  • Help you to feel a sense of belonging in Morecambe Bay by increasing diversity and providing equity, with a great organisational and team culture for all colleagues

  • Provide support to keep you well through our health and well-being services that are there for all colleagues

  • Provide opportunities for you to grow and develop professionally through our education, learning and development and leadership activities

  • Look to the future, plan and develop a workforce that is sustainable and able to meet the changing needs of our communities

Make the best use of our financial and physical resource   

We will:  

  • Ensure improvements in quality, safety and care are key drivers to deliver financial sustainability
  • Make the most effective use of our resources and reduce waste in everything we do
  • Proactively seek and maximise use of digital technology and data to support transformation
  •  Plan and use our estates and other physical assets to prioritise patient care and promote best value

Working in partnership   

We will:  

  • Work collaboratively with our system partners to design and deliver quality, safe and sustainable services
  • Work with partners to improve the health of our local communities and reduce health inequalities
  • Listen to, engage and involve our patients, carers and communities to further improve our services

These aren’t just words on a page. Our teams will come together and put everything they have into achieving these priorities, and this will lead to huge changes to the services we provide, the experience of our patients, and how it feels to work at UHMBT.