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Hospital contact numbers


Due to COVID19, the drop-in Repairs Clinics will no longer be available from Audiology Services. This is due to the limited capacity in our waiting rooms and the large numbers that attend the drop in clinics, it will no longer be safe for our patients to attend in such large numbers. Audiology services will be organising a booked repairs service in the future.

Please do not just drop into your local clinic, you will not be seen on the day, instead an appointment will be arranged. All appointments/repairs with Audiology in future will be booked.

Please be aware the NHS has zero tolerance of abuse towards staff whether this be over the telephone or in the clinic.

Please click here to read information about the Patient National Safety Alert regarding batteries: NHS England » Risk of harm to babies and children from coin/button batteries in hearing aids and other hearing devices

Safe use of Button cells

If you have any concerns regarding battery safety, please talk to you Audiologist during your appointment, tamper proof battery drawers are available.

The team covers a wide range of audiology services involving the diagnoses and management of hearing loss. These services include:

  • Adult hearing testing and hearing aid fitting.
  • Paediatric hearing testing and hearing aid fitting.
  • Balance testing.
  • Bone anchored hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus management services.
  • Assistive listening devices.

If you have never been seen by Audiology before and you are concerned about your hearing, you should contact your GP for a referral to Audiology.

Please see below for self help advice regarding wax management and maintenance of hearing aids with earmoulds:

Self Help Solutions For The Ears

How to change the earmould tubing

Instructions on How to Fit an Ear Mould to Your Hearing Aid

If you have any enquiries regarding Audiology services or an appointment you have with Audiology, please contact the team using the details below. Office hours are Monday - Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), 9am - 5pm.

Furness General Hospital Audiology department (also for enquiries about Ulverston Health Centre)
Tel: 01229 484081
Email: FGH.Audiology@mbht.nhs.uk

Westmorland General Hospital Audiology department
Tel: 01539 795369
Email: WGH.Audiology@mbht.nhs.uk

Royal Lancaster Infirmary Audiology department (also for enquiries about Queen Victoria Hospital)
Tel: 01524 591551
Email: RLI.Audiology@mbht.nhs.uk

If you require batteries/slimtubes/tubing via post please send a stamped and self addressed envelope (x1 large letter stamp or x2 small stamps) to your local Audiology Departments. 

If you wish to post hearing aids in, please ensure the hearing aids are in their cases and in padded envelopes. Please ensure there is a self addressed padded envelope sent in with the hearing aids to return with the correct amount of postage on it (please enquire at your local post office what this will be as this will vary depending on padded envelope, weight being sent in, changes in postal charges, etc).

Please see addresses below:

Audiology Department
Furness General Hospital
Dalton Ln 
 LA14 4LF

Audiology Department
Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Ashton Road Clinic

Audiology Department
Westmorland General Hospital
Burton Road  

Alternatively, you can call your local Audiology Departments and pay for postage over the phone. This will be £2. 

Audiology Furness General Hospital - 01229 484081

Audiology Royal Lancaster Infirmary - 01524 591551

Audiology Westmorland General Hospital - 01539 795369