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Community paediatric neurodevelopmental service

Community Paediatricians are child health doctors trained in both hospital and community settings with experience of working with children and their families.

We specialise in assessing and managing children and young people (0 – 19) who have developmental problems or disability and are registered with a North Lancashire GP.

The team work closely with other health professionals such as GP’s, therapists, nurses, health visitors, hospital doctors, psychologists and mental health workers well as professionals from other agencies such as education and social care.

We provide the following services for Children and Young people with additional needs:

  • Children where there are concerns about delayed or atypical development including neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, complex Neurodisability and genetic conditions associated with delayed development or learning difficulties
  • Preschool children with social communication difficulties including Autism assessment
  • Medical assessment and advice for Education Health and Care plans (EHCP) for children known to our service with identified special educational needs
  • Medical assessment and advice for Children in Care or those undergoing adoption
  • Children attending special educational needs schools (Morecambe Road, Loyne and Bleasdale) when required.

We do not accept referral where behaviour is the main presenting feature unless a paediatric developmental assessment is required as other services are more appropriate to advise these families on behaviour management.

For ADHD and Autism assessment in school age children our doctors work with Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCFT) in the ADHD and Autism pathways working with parents and other professionals to make a full assessment of the child’s needs.

Referrals can be made from health professionals including GPs, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Psychologists, Hospital Doctors, Community Nurses, Therapists, educational psychology, children`s social care & specialist teachers. This service does not accept self-referrals.

If you think your child may need our service, please discuss this with any of the professionals listed above who will be able to advise you & make a referral if appropriate.

This service is not currently within the scope of what can be purchased with Personal Health Budgets.

We are happy to be contacted by professionals to discuss individual children prior to referrals being made.

The service is community based and delivered from Longlands Child Development Centre, with satellite clinics in the wider community. Other services such as paediatric therapy, psychology & our specialist health visitors are also located at Longlands Child Development Centre.

Longlands Child Development Centre 
Westbourne Drive
Telephone: 01524 519710
Email: commpaeds.lancaster@mbht.nhs.uk

We may see children in other settings including home, nurseries, schools & children`s centres if this is appropriate.